Friday, June 4, 2010

Graduation Weekend!

It's here. The weekend I really never could forsee happening is here. My little sister, my 9 years younger than me sister, is graduation high school. GULP. I am soooo excited for her, I can hardly believe it! She's an amazing person and is so ready to be out of high school life and move on. This weekend is about her, all about her! And I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of her graduation, like all the family coming to town and the little party tomorrow :) Pics of the weekend to come next week, but for now here are some of my favorites of us growing up :)

Senior Pic
Yep...that's how we roll


She totally did this on her own!

What a cutie :)

Pear Blossom

Henry's Rootbeer!

Disneyland with Jack inside :)

My 24th Birthday

Super Hero Night at Youth Group!

Yum Donuts!


Christmas Tree Decorating
I love you Breanna


  1. sniffle...I love her! One of my favorites HAS to be Superhero night. Your costume was CLASSIC. I'm sorry I'm missing all of Bre's festivities, but I think she knows how much I love her...