Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blessing by a blog??

I'm pretty sure those of us that blog have all had moments of, "why the heck am I doing this". I know I have...on a regular basis. I have to go back to that first month and see why and then take a look at some other blogs that made a difference for me and look over them.

I'm also pretty sure that we have all made some blogger friends that we can say without a doubt, God allowed us to find one another on here. And these blogger friends can pretty much make your day with a comment they leave, an email they send or just something they wrote on their blog.

I sit down and type away what's on my heart, hoping that maybe it might help or bless someone else...but never really thinking that through. And so when it does, it takes my breath away that God would use blogging as a source of encouragement and hope. And we're this big family spread out all over, and we have this kindred spirit among us.

There are a couple blogs I would love for you to take time and check out. There are so so so many amazing ones out there, and I follow several of them. But just for this post, I would like you to look at two different ones.
The first is Kelli's blog Living Life with E's. She's pretty much amazing. She has two adorable kids and her youngest, Emily, has Down Syndrome. They didn't find this out until after she was born. I pretty much am blown away by her. And I have learned that she is more blessed than most of us will be, because her daughter as DS. And if you don't believe will after reading through her blog.

The other blog is one I just started following and am still getting the whole story on. Claire at Fast Forward Girl isn't updating it too often at the moment because....well, you just need to go check it out! :) She is an amazing example of sacrifice and love and I think you'll love her story.


  1. Blogs are definitely a blessing, a lesson I am learning daily! I went and checked out these blogs, thanks for sharing! Even though I am new at the whole blogging thing, I am beginning to realize this is the case!

  2. Thank you for your sweet, sweet works and I checked out "Fast Forward Girl" and love what Claire and her husband are doing! I am following this one now too!

  3. I so understand what you are saying! My heart is to minister to other moms & families with little ones, yet in just the last couple of months that I have been blogging, I have often wondered if this is really what God wants me to be spending time on. Every time I begin to doubt, God sends along someone with a word of encouragement. Thank-you for your post, it blessed me today!