Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bed Bug Bumpers

I am so excited to share about this product! When looking for bed rails for the little man's "Big Boy Bed". I wasn't finding anything that made me real excited. Everything was institution looking, required installing and had the risk of a child falling in between the rail and the bed. They were also all made for beds with box springs (it may suprise you that most bed rails are NOT to be used unless you have a box spring) Jack's bed is a captains box spring. So, I headed to trusty Google and typed in everything I wanted and guess what popped up?! Bed Bug Bumpers! I read all the reviews, spent a LOT of time on the site and then showed it to my hubby. We both agreed this was perfect for us! So, we ordered them. I didn't know my mother-in-law had put her email address as the contact source, so I emailed them for a status on the order a couple days after it was placed. I recieved the nicest email back and it felt like I was her only customer. She asked if I was happy with the product to post a review on the site...well, I decided to blog about it as well. We LOVE these bed bug bumpers!
Picture from Bed Bug Website
First of all they are soft, so your little one can roll into them and it's just soft. They slide right under your sheets and matterss protector and they do not move! Jack can climb over them to get out, but when he's asleep there is no way he'd roll over them! And Jack is a WILD sleeper! Yesterday was his first day in his big boy bed and he did great!
These bed bumpers are way more affordable too! We put one at the end of the bed and on the sides since he's a crazy sleeper, and with shipping it was still cheaper than buying a yucky metal one from Target or Walmart.
So, if you are looking for an alternative bed rail, look no further! Another cool thing....when we travel, we just take them out from under the sheet and bring them with us! How cool is that!? Click the Bed Bug Bumper link above to check out the site and see all the other uses as well ( co-sleeping, bed dividers etc.)

Jack's bed with Bed Bug Bumpers! Sorry it's blurry :)


  1. I will keep these in mind for when aaron gets a real bed.

  2. Where was this when mine were little? We did about 10,000 pillows on the floor so she would hit something soft if she rolled out! :)
    Great idea!