I stole this from my new friend Becky's blog. I love these things and I would do one every day (but that's a bit obsessive) anyhoo......

The best day ever was the day ...aw man, how do i pick one?! probably having jack. it was an incredible experience that you just can't fathom. it also turned out to be one of the hardest/worst days as well since he was whisked away from me, after only holding him for 1 hour, to the NICU. talk about range of emotions!

My favorite meal of the day is ...i kind of graze actually.

This weekend will be ...like any other weekend I guess. sort of busy but not too busy. we are having a birthday dinner for my sis-in-law

Never in my life have I ...been so blessed :)

The only thing better than donuts..well, i don't really care for donuts so lots of things are better than donuts!

I could really do with ...a trip to Disneyland. Yes, we are obsessed. Yes we are going next year...but I'd go every week, I swear!

The most recent thing I bought myself was ...shoes! they are super cute little slip on flats and they are like heather gray fabric with a little button. way cute.

I am most proud of ...my husband. i could go on and on, but i really am so proud of all he deals with on daily basis and who he has allowed God to make him to be. It just amazes me.

Weekends are for ...pj's and popcorn and movies and mowing the lawn and going to the park as a family and church:)

My favorite childhood food was...kraft mac and cheese.


  1. I love it when people do these little question things...you can really get to know someone by the answers they give :-)

  2. And I think I will steal it...haha


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