Saturday, May 8, 2010

For my Mother...

Each night I get to put Jack down to bed we always pray first and then I sing to him the little song,

"You Are My Sunshine"
Tonight I did the same, and then thanked him for making me a Mommy.
I remembered why I sing that specific song to him. It's the song my Mom always sang to me.
I (like my Mom) can't carry a tune. That's his Daddy's job.
But I (like my son) didn't care. It is a very special memory of mine and I cherish the thought that Jack will carry that memory of us as well.

So many things change when you become a Mom. And each year you are a Mom something new changes because our little ones change and we change as well. And this Mom thing is hard.

Yes it is amazing
On and on.

But it is down right hard. And no one will tell you different. And it doesn't change darn thing about how much you love it. It's just a fact, it's hard.
And I didn't know this until I became a Mom and I could never really understand how to appreciate my Mom until I became a Mom.
Boy was that eye-opening!

So, instead of a card that I will seal into an envelope for only my Mom's eyes to see....
I'm putting it into my blog so the entire world can read what my Mom means to me. And no, I won't be able to put it all on here, it would take days. But these are just a few of the things I want to say:

Mom, thank you. Thank you for....

Teaching me about Jesus

Teaching me about tithing

Teaching me how to share

how to be a friend

how to have compassion.

Thank you for sacrificing time for yourself

money for yourself

new things for yourself

so I could have what you felt I needed and or wanted.

Thank you for amazing home made food

Thank you for letting me be a vegetarian and making separate meals

I now know what that took

Thank you for having us sit at the table and eat together

Thank you for bringing me my books and homework to school when I forgot

Thank you for coming to every volleyball game I ever played in

(you say you missed one, but I don't remember because in my mind you were always there and you were the only Mom that was)

Thank you for letting me make mistakes

For putting up with my nasty teenage daughter attitude

For listening to me cry when some dumb boy broke my heart

For listening to me gush about the man I fell in love with

Thank you for praying for my future spouse all those years

Thank you for your example, along with Daddy's, about what a Godly marriage looks like

Thank you for kissing each other

and loving each other

and respecting each other

Thank you for being willing to drop everything to be with me when I need you

You are still the first person, after Trevor, who I go to

You are my sounding board

My constant

You give and give and give

and I just don't know how to repay you

I have tried by giving you a grandson...and hopefully someday I can give you more grandchildren

Because you are the best Grandma in the whole world

And I am so thankful that I had you as a Mom to show me how to be a Mom

You are the perfect example

in my eyes

And I will always come to you for your advice and want it

because, hey...I turned out good! :)

I love you more than I could ever, ever say. And now everyone else knows how amazing you are too!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy. You are truly the best.


  1. So great!!! Best Mother's Day gift in the world I think that can be given...appreciation...deep, sincere this post!

  2. I love the pictures of you and your mother! So sweet. I have sung the same goodnight song to my children that my mom sang to me. It's just a precious thing to pass that down.

    I posted a thank you to my mom last week as well. It's a wonderful opportunity to show the world how great a person she is.

    By the way, you're entered in The Heart Mender giveaway. Thanks for visiting Sugar Tails and leaving a comment!