ATTN: Calling all "crafties" and "upcyclers"!!

I need your ideas!

I broke my hubbys bowl that he painted at Hot Pots several years ago!
He loved it and I loved it
He spent lots of time on it

I broke it :(

I am looking for ideas and what to do with it!
It's cereal bowl size.

Post some ideas or links to 'how to' sites that would be helpful!
We may not be able to use the bowl again, but I still want it around somehow!

(Mom: I set the bag on the table and the two bowls crashed together....of course his broke...)


  1. Is it shattered? Can you not superglue it back together? I've broken lots of things and you can't even tell when it's superglued back...if it is that bad, though, and there isn't enough superglue to bring it back together, then I'd use the pieces to make some sort of mosiac :)

  2. If you get any ideas, let me know! I made (painted) a bowl (for myself) and my husband broke it when I was off galavanting with Beth Moore at the Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in January.

  3. I think it's too broken for repair...but I found a couple sites that talk you through making a mosaic.
    Sister Sheri: I'm thinking of getting a small frame at the craft store and breaking up the rest of the pieces to make a mosaic frame!


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