Monday, May 31, 2010

7 is a good number...

 Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate 7 years of being married. I look back and wonder where time went and yet it feels like life has always been this way.
Every day gets better and better and I am blown away by this blessing. I could not have asked for a more
                                                                Man than I have!
He is everything I ever prayed for and more. Each day I learn something new. He is the man of the house, he is our spiritual leader and he loves me!
This weekend I took him away overnight and my lovely Mom stayed with Jack!
He is always the one that plans the fun surprises and I wanted to do it this time!

We started the day with a trip to Good Bean, our favorite place for bagels!
We walked around Jacksonville for awhile and took in this cute little town that sometimes we forget about because we are local. Only after bumping in to dozens of tourists do we realize what a find this little town is!
That evening we had dinner at The Bella, where my sister works. She sat us at a great table in the back!

After dinner we went to our lodging for the night, The McCully House. Our fireplace in our original room didn't work so we had to be upgraded...after I walked into the room and gasped there was no need to twist my arm to move rooms! We stayed in the luxurious suite that is usually $300 a night! It was amazing! (pics of our room are the ones just before the bottom set)

The next morning we headed to the Apple Cellar for a breakfast of homemade croissants, his a bacon, egg and cheese and mine a spinach and feta.We then headed back into town for a matinee of Robin Hood which was fantastic!

It felt like we were gone for a week, but it was just under 24 THAT is what I call a great getaway!


  1. Oh, sooo fun!!! So, so true! When you look at your hometown from a tourist's perspective, it's just too fun!! What a fantastic getaway! Love that you were able to surprise your hubby like that, how blessed he is...and you, too;)