Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I've realized since joining the blogging world......*warning* you might disagree!!

Since I started blogging I've had a lot of fun checking out other people's blogs. I love to jump from blog to blog, linking off of others. It's so amazing to see all the different types of blogs and all the fun ideas there are out there. I knew what kind of blogger I would be, but after becoming familiar with some other blogs I have realized more and more some things about myself and I have also realized I'm totally fine with these facts!
I've re-realized ( is that a word???).....

1) I am not crafty. I can't make treasure out of trash or scrapbook a page that looks like it cost $20 to make (and it probably did). I cannot use a saw (because I don't know how and because my husband wouldn't let's just not safe for me hehe). I cannot sew. I cannot build.  And I'm okay with that.

2) I am not a "hippie-mom". So I did make a lot of Jack's baby food (because cost wise it was an amazing difference and it was easy) and I did enjoy wearing him in a moby or carrier when I could. But I don't use cloth diapers, nor will I ever. I did not, nor will I ever co-sleep with my child (same room for the first couple months, yes...but not in my bed) I did not say no to drugs while in labor. I happily accepted my epidural and I'm so glad I did. I was still in control of my body, but I was not writhing in pain. And guess what?! It was still a natural birth because birth is a natural thing! You don't win extra points for going drug free, although lately some woman seem to think it means they are more of a woman for doing so. Props to you if you did, but don't make it a popularity contest (this isn't high school)

3) I am not an organic, eco-friendly fanatic. Yes, I use my own grocery bags (when I remember) and yes we recycle. But I like my packaged food (in small amounts) it tastes shoot me. I buy from the grocery store, and I get it pretty cheap. I love corn from the local farms, but honestly that's about all I get from there, unless there happens to be something else that catches my eye. My eggs come from Costco and my milk from the Umpqua dairy. And it's all yummy. We eat healthy, don't get me wrong...I just don't only buy from farms or the organic section at the store.

People who are/do these things are amazing! That's them and it's great! I love to read about their journey and the fun things that they can do. What can get under my skin is when people that do these things make you feel like you're a horrible person for not. And that's just annoying.

But what I do know about myself is that........

I'm a stay-at-home Mom who spends most of her day on the floor playing with her son. We eat pancakes and bananas and make a big sticky mess. Sometimes the house gets clean, but most days it's not. We color and paint, but I don't pretend he's some future picasso. We go for a walk, play at the park and drag around the wagon. I make sure he eats a good meal and drinks his milk. He loves the Disney channel and I don't blame him. Pretty sure I did too, and I turned out okay. 
I do my best to get my devotions in as well as a shower and maybe a nap during HIS nap time. We really don't leave unless I have to go to the grocery store. I don't have a playdates scheduled or "girlfriend" time. When my husband comes home, we sack out on the couch and watch a favorite show. I'd rather be with him than with anyone else. Our time is sacred and we protect it.
No, I don't work from home or get paid to blog. I don't sell anything on Etsy or have a side-job. Being a mom and a wife is my job and I wouldn't change it for the world. I take care of my boys and  that's what brings me joy and satisfaction. God is who I look to for approval, nobody else. That's the bottom line.

I blog about my life, my family and what God is teaching me. It might encourage someone, it might not. But it feels good to type it out and be vulnerable.

I'm sure I rubbed someone the wrong way with this post....but it's who I am and I've never tried to be anything but. :)


  1. I think I could have written this blog. Really. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts. I try to do things "naturally" and "organically" but I don't go crazy obsessing over it. I also tried to learn to sew, and while I did somewhat enjoy it, it wasn't worth the work of lugging out all the materials and the sewing machine! And I did very much enjoy the last few hours with my epidural. ( :

  2. I really liked this post! You remind me of myself...we are a lot alike...which is good for me because I like you :)Your life sounds so blessed, your son will have wonderful memories of his childhood getting to spend so much time with his mom- what a blessing.

  3. Thanks girls :)
    I appreciate the feedback. I love both of your blogs!!

  4. love it Krystal...I feel the same way...well, minus the saw thing...I want a saw...I would LOVE a table saw...but I get what you're saying and that's what this is all about your journey...
    I have felt that way just being a mom...we choose to send our kids to public school...I don't judge those that home school or send theirs to private schools, that's why there are all the different options...we choose western medicine...we choose no screen time during the week...we choose no sports until they're older...we choose fun brainless video games (on the weekends)...we choose me staying home rather than someone else raising our kids...we GET to choose....and God gave us OUR children to be their parents, and we all need different parents making different choices to get the beautiful world that God created...

  5. I LOVE this post! Not knowing you face to face, your wisdom makes me forget how young you are, but your freshness and joy remind me :)

  6. Great blog, Krystle! It is my first time reading your blog...and I love this post. You do "wife" and "mom" very well - don't let anyone else make you feel otherwise! It is amazing where our life journeys take us. For 5 years I was able to be a stay at home mom playing the boys on the floor...and I loved every minute of it. Now my family needs me to work to help provide for us, and I am comfortable with how my role has changed into a "working-outside-the-home Mom" and wife. (I don't dare say I am a "working mom" for I know how hard stay-at-home-moms work!) I feel the jabs people (sometimes unintentionally) make about why it is "better" to make the sacrifice to stay home, but I am doing for my family what we feel is best. And then we trust God that we are in His plan. So keep doing what you're doing, even if you aren't sewing your son new underwear with organically grown dye-free cotton! And enjoy your produce and meat from the grocery store(I'm just thankful I have the money to buy food for my family)!