Okay, can I just say this..........


He is. So So So Good.

I don't blog in awhile, I feel maybe I should stop blogging? I don't know....

Then God does something cool, cause He's cool.

And I remember that I didn't do this just for me. I hoped and prayed that God would use it for someone else too. And He's faithful.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing and praying. I love all of your blogs as well and love this cyber connection God allows us to all have. And one day we'll meet face to face and hug eachother, because we know one another.

I hope you feel God's faithfulness today and that you hold onto Him just as I am. And that throughout this Easter weekend you can reflect once again on what God did for you and me!



  1. So true!! I started blogging bc you and so many others were such an encouragement to know! Sometimes we get in our day to day rut, but if we can blog something amazing about God and have our cyber community respond, it makes it all worth it! My sister is thinking about starting a blog, so she checked mine out and clicked on those I'm connected to...yours was one that she commented on saying that she loved seeing such cute pix of your sweet boy :)

    Keep blogging, girl! And tell your mom that one of your blogbuddies says Happy B-Day!!


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