Friday, April 9, 2010

Blessings upon blessings

Today I am just thinking and meditating on all of the blessings God has given me. When you really sit back and think on it, it can be pretty overwhelming.

I think it's good to write this stuff out because days come where it's not so easy to remember all He's given me. But if I can look back and see what I've written's a good and healthy reminder when I lose my way. Take some time to write down every little blessing you can think of.

*so blessed to be in this house. yes it's a rental, but it's great and i love it. i pray God would give it to us someday, but until then...i'm so blessed to have this fantastic roof over our heads and to be near a park and my parents all at the same time!

*so blessed that my husband has friday's off. he works every other day, but friday's are OURS. we protect them by not scheduling things apart from eachother as best we can. it's family day.

*so blessed that my son, although sick with a yucky cold right now, is healthy.

*so blessed that i get to stay home with jack. my hardest, most trying of days at home is better than the best days i ever had at work. i am so thankful. it's so worth giving up other things and sacrificing to make sure i can be with him. how else could i capture all these insanely cute videos of him!?

*so blessed to have a sister that is 9 years younger than me. we are so close and i forget sometimes she's still 17. she has an amazing drive and desire inside of her. she can do whatever she wants, and she trusts God and loves Him so much. i am so proud of her and thankful for her.

*so blessed that after almost 7 years of being married to my best friend, he is still head over heels in love with me and he still woos me. each day gets better and better and i fall even more in love with him.

*so blessed that my husband is such an amazing dad. and jack adores him. it makes me teary watching them.

*so blessed that God loves me, no matter what. to sit and ponder that is refreshing.


  1. I love your list of blessings!!!!!! I can tell you, a little more than 15 years out from where you are right now: keep your focus on the Lord and those blessings will still be raining down true, same as they are for you today! Ooh, and I LOVE homebaked mac-n-cheese, that sounded wonderful in your comment on my post from Wednesday! Oh, and notice that on the corner of my "pizza" there weren't any red onions? Yep, my daughter has tried them and still as a middle schooler, doesn't care for them...she's come around in so many other things, though...just keep introducing new things a little at a time without making a big deal out of it and he'll come around when he's older :)