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Things I've realized since joining the blogging world......*warning* you might disagree!!

Since I started blogging I've had a lot of fun checking out other people's blogs. I love to jump from blog to blog, linking off of others. It's so amazing to see all the different types of blogs and all the fun ideas there are out there. I knew what kind of blogger I would be, but after becoming familiar with some other blogs I have realized more and more some things about myself and I have also realized I'm totally fine with these facts! I've re-realized ( is that a word???)..... 1) I am not crafty. I can't make treasure out of trash or scrapbook a page that looks like it cost $20 to make (and it probably did). I cannot use a saw (because I don't know how and because my husband wouldn't let's just not safe for me hehe). I cannot sew. I cannot build.  And I'm okay with that. 2) I am not a "hippie-mom". So I did make a lot of Jack's baby food (because cost wise it was an amazing difference and it was easy) and I did enjoy


I get so bored with things, so I gave my blog a little facelift. It will never look exactly how I want it to without paying somebody to make it I will just periodically do this when I grow old with it :) It's pretty cute, I'm not totally in love with it though. Anyhoo...enjoy!

Fill in the blank Friday!

1. One song that always takes me back to my youth is... Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. I know, I wrong in so many ways! But some neighbor's friend always had it on, and I learned the lyrics at a very, very young age. Of course I had no idea what I was saying! So, yes, kinda strange...but true! 2. My first concert ever was ...   I can't remember for SURE, but I think it was Audio Adrenaline or Newsboys. At the Britt in Jacksonville, Oregon. 3. If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there: DC Talk, FF5, Joss Stone, Michael Buble, and Celine Dion. Can't see this mix happening, but it's a dream right..... 4. The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is: Let's Get it On by Mr. Marvin Gaye haha!! 5. The best concert I've ever been to was: Probably the Supertones concert at the Expo. I was a wild, moshing head-bangin' crazy person. It was a blast. Got there SUPER early, we were like the 10th people in line

Kutless Concert!!!

Tonight was the Kutless concert at our church! It was fantastic! Kutless is from Oregon, and 3 of their band members graduated from High Schools here. I went to school with the lead singer's sister and sister-in-law, so I have been fortunate enough to see them before! This is for their It Is Well tour, and opening for them is The Museum  and Chasen . To be honest, I hadn't heard of these other bands before tonight, but they were great! I especially liked The Museum, and got to meet the band members after the concert. Super cool guys, with a heart of worship. I think that was what was most evident about tonights concert. It really had the feeling of a worship service.  Kutless played several songs in acoustic, including my favorite Let You In. It was just awesome! I am a concert type girl. I LOVE it. I'm usually down in the front jumpin' around, head bangin' with the rest of 'em. But tonight I sat by my hubby in the balcony, with the rest of the old

Hello Tuesday.......

Happy Tuesday everyone! Geesh, it's been forever since I blogged!! Okay, real quick....I got an itouch this past weekend, and it's like super smart. So I was typing the word Geesh into a comment on Facebook and it auto-finished it for me. Well, I didn't check it and after it posted I saw what it wrote..... Gershwin! Ha...that just hit me funny. So, now I think I'll say Gershwin when I usually say Geesh. Okay, on to more important things like how cute my son is.... he "helped" me do dishes last night. And while we washed we sang, "clean clean clean". So Daddy came home from work to find he snapped a few! It was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself :) :) Well, this week is pretty crazy, but we get to leave for VACATION on Sunday after church! Whoopie! We are headed to Newport, Oregon on the coast! This is a much needed time away! I look forward to blogging about that as well as the Kutless concert that is at our church on Thursday! Love

Wordless Wednesday

A must read..........

Got this book from my hubby for Easter Finished it in 5 days Would have been less, but I have other responsibilites haha! Check it out!! Her Mother's Hope

Pear Blossom Day!

Ah....Pear Blossom Day! For those of you NOT from the Valley, this is a pretty big day for us :) First there are the races. We have a 5k, a 10 mile, a 2 Mile and a 1 Mile Fun Run for the kiddos. Anyone and everyone is welcome, walkers and runners alike.... and they come by the hundreds....or thousands! Check out the run info here  if you want!  For the 5k there were, get this.........1,118 finishers!! WOAH. It is nuts out there! For the 10 Miler there were 1,580 finishers! Familes come, Dad's and Mom's with jogging strollers....Grandma's and Grandpa's walk with their grandkids.... it really is a family event! After the runs are done, most people head home and shower and then head back downtown for a parade! Floats and cars and trucks and tractors and high school bands galore! This year there were over 120 separate floats! We have everything from the Shriners to the Girl Scouts and Papa John's Pizza to the YMCA and Cheerleaders and more! They pass out candy and flyer

Some super cute pics!

Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to keep the boys from running off! Jack and his cousins Zoi and Miles HUGS! The most hilarious picture...totally spacing out! All of them! :)

Blessings upon blessings

Today I am just thinking and meditating on all of the blessings God has given me. When you really sit back and think on it, it can be pretty overwhelming. I think it's good to write this stuff out because days come where it's not so easy to remember all He's given me. But if I can look back and see what I've written's a good and healthy reminder when I lose my way. Take some time to write down every little blessing you can think of. *so blessed to be in this house. yes it's a rental, but it's great and i love it. i pray God would give it to us someday, but until then...i'm so blessed to have this fantastic roof over our heads and to be near a park and my parents all at the same time! *so blessed that my husband has friday's off. he works every other day, but friday's are OURS. we protect them by not scheduling things apart from eachother as best we can. it's family day. *so blessed that my son, although sick with a yucky cold right

Crazy House!

Hello everyone :) I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! We sure did, our Saturday night service was awesome and then I got the little dude dressed up for Sunday AM service too! We spent the day with our WHOLE family and some adopted family too! Just enjoying God's blessings! Usually right  before Easter is the crazy time in our house, with my husband being the Worship Pastor, we usually have a big event that he has to oversee which means extra practices and such. This year we did not do that, so before Easter wasn't too bad! But this year for the first time, our Saturday night band will be in the big Pear Blossom Parade on Saturday! And my hubby is running the 5k in the morning before that, and then  still doing Saturday night service after! So...needless to say, he's a bit stressed and things are a little wild! Also my poor lil man has another stuffy nose. After 2 sets of antibiotics it looks like we're heading into the doctor again. Hoping it's just a little al

Okay, can I just say this..........

GOD IS GOOD. He is. So So So Good. I don't blog in awhile, I feel maybe I should stop blogging? I don't know.... Then God does something cool, cause He's cool. And I remember that I didn't do this just for me. I hoped and prayed that God would use it for someone else too. And He's faithful. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing and praying. I love all of your blogs as well and love this cyber connection God allows us to all have. And one day we'll meet face to face and hug eachother, because we know one another. I hope you feel God's faithfulness today and that you hold onto Him just as I am. And that throughout this Easter weekend you can reflect once again on what God did for you and me! Blessings!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's 50th Birthday! joke, it's really today! My Mom LOVES Birthdays! She could care less if there is a party, or how old she is turning. She just loves to celebrate and enjoy family and friends and life! Tonight though, we are having a HUGE Birthday party! I'm talking 80+ people! It's gonna be a blast! I can't wait!! My Mom is an incredible person. She has always been sacraficial, trustworthy, honest, comforting, loving and kind. She has set the perfect example for me on how to be a great wife and mom. She loves to love on people, she loves to give she loves to make other people happy. She has taught me so much and I love that because of her I get to teach my kids the same things. I hope today is everything she hoped for. I hope I can be like her when I grow up :) Meeting Mom for the first time.... Graduation Day Wedding day....almost 7 years ago!! Love you Mom!!