Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just a little whine.

Can I just say how tired I am of sickness!??!?!?!

First Trev, then Jack, then me, then Jack, then Trev and Jack. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the winter. I love the cold, but this season has been brutal! I thought we were getting off good, since it didn't hit until December. But it's more than made up for the other months. It just stinkin' stinks!

And it's exhausting. To be sick and to be the one dealing with the sickies.....oh wait, here comes one now. He's so miserable. But he's still so cute. (It's Jack if you were wondering...Trev's still in bed hehe)

Ok, I'm done whining for now. Thanks.


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