Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!

"Have you lost your senses? After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort?" Gal.3:3 NLT

Oh my goodness. Yes this hit home.

I'm joyfully reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and participating in her blog.
This morning she asked us to post verses about victory, strength and power. And then to read over the other posts to get encouragement and power from the scriptures. It really has been powerful, and so cool to see what some people chose! I was skimming over them, saw this and then saw that Beth had commented on how she SHOUTED this one out loud! So I re-read it, and wow. I love the NLT because it's sometimes like a slap in the face it's so blunt. I love it.

We start off with good intentions, we give over to the Lord what we know we cannot do ourselves. But somewhere along the way we take it back, most of the time without even knowing it. And then we wonder why all of the sudden things become hard again. For me it's like a "DUH!" moment. Without even realizing it I took back what I gave to God, and tried to do it on my own.

Yes, it's a process, but it's not impossible. I pray the day comes where I no longer take it back, but continually give it over, it is such a part of me that I don't even question it. AMEN!



  1. HI! I'm a fellow siesta on Beth Moore's blog...I saw your post and I love, love, love your picture, so I followed it to your blog. Sounds SOO strange but I think we at "siestaville", as Beth calls it, are getting a little taste of Heaven...after reading your profile and a couple of your entries, I thought, I love this sister! I think that is the way it will be in Heaven, all relating to one another through Christ Jesus immediately! I loved that Beth said she literally SHOUTED the above verse, reading through all these verses today has been amazing! Love your blog and enjoy your weekend, sister! (I'm still trying to figure out how to get my blog up and running but I'm failing miserably, lol...waiting for my techy college son to come home and help me!!)

  2. I got the e-mail, thanks :)) I think I'm pretty much up and running now (after many hours, lol) it's waaay past my bedtime, but what a wonderful surprise from God, otherwise I would have missed my son's extremely late call tonight...he needed some encouragement and I was fully armed with all the wonderful scripture shouted out on LPM this past weekend! So great! Stop by my's still under construction with adding those I'm following, but at least I'm posting now :)) ooh, and I want to figure "buttons" out, too, that sounds like fun!

  3. Hi, again! Okay, so somehow I lost a blog and made a new one...but bc I logged into the lpm blog with the first blog, that is the one that you began to follow. The blog that I am using is black and pink...the one you are following is greenish earthy tones (which I actually LOVED, but I couldn't get the words to line up with the header, so I switched). Okay, so I signed on to follow you, but I think it took you back to the greenish one...try clicking on this picture (same picture as other one, but somehow there are two links...I've tried deleting the one, but it's still seems to be there). K, all that to say, try to follow me on the black/pink one :)

    I love this blogging so much...our church just got a website facelift and I'm loving this blogging so much they want me to help them get a "blogging" community started...had to laugh so loud, bc I sooo don't know what I'm doing on this, lol! Where I am weak, He is strong...guess it's time to break out of the insecure feeling of "I just don't have enough experience to help" and get out there and help, right?

    Okay, so I hope to see you on my black/pink blog :)

  4. Yay, looks like I'm getting this thing figured out! Thanks for your patience and helping me out!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!!