Thursday, March 25, 2010

Been in a bit of a funk....

Hello there! I haven't posted in awhile, sorry! I've been in a blog funk! Actually all around funky, hehe!

So, I'll work on that. Gotta get my tushy back in gear, I'm 3 weeks behind on So Long Insecurity too. And I NEVER do that.

Tomorrow we are going to Wildlife Safari! I look forward to blogging about that experience with Jack and posting some awesome pics!

Hello to my new blog followers! I have checked out your blogs as well and LOVE them! What a fun community this is!


  1. SO glad you've blogged! I've thought about you all week...and yes, you've been on my heart to pray for you, as a good way :)

    Been meaning to check in on you, but didn't want to say, "Hey, as your new friend, just checking to see if you are in a funk?!" LOL...glad you're back, lookin forward to some wild safari pix :)