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Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari It was a blast!! I had been so many times, but never in the rain. It was the BEST as far as seeing the animals! They don't care if it's raining. Instead of hiding from the sun, they were out in full force!!! Jack loved it We loved it Hello there! Isn't he cute?! :)  At one point I told Trev to move away from the fence! Lions say, "RAWR!!!" Feeding the goats with Grandma And with Auntie Tiger

Been in a bit of a funk....

Hello there! I haven't posted in awhile, sorry! I've been in a blog funk! Actually all around funky, hehe! So, I'll work on that. Gotta get my tushy back in gear, I'm 3 weeks behind on So Long Insecurity too. And I NEVER do that. Tomorrow we are going to Wildlife Safari! I look forward to blogging about that experience with Jack and posting some awesome pics! Hello to my new blog followers! I have checked out your blogs as well and LOVE them! What a fun community this is!

A little update and a thanks....

Thank you so much for your prayers. All of you. Jesus has done an amazing healing in my heart. I took a deep breath this morning and felt it. It was like nothing I've ever felt before. My sweet husband prayed over me the other night, and although he forgot the annointing oil at church, the Holy Spirit did his work. And the next day I was bombarded with songs, scriptures and messages that spoke right to ME!! God was so faithful! Such an immediate answer to prayer. I covet your prayers. Thank you.

Happy Saturday!

"Have you lost your senses? After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort?" Gal.3:3 NLT Oh my goodness. Yes this hit home. I'm joyfully reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and participating in her blog . This morning she asked us to post verses about victory, strength and power. And then to read over the other posts to get encouragement and power from the scriptures. It really has been powerful, and so cool to see what some people chose! I was skimming over them, saw this and then saw that Beth had commented on how she SHOUTED this one out loud! So I re-read it, and wow. I love the NLT because it's sometimes like a slap in the face it's so blunt. I love it. We start off with good intentions, we give over to the Lord what we know we cannot do ourselves. But somewhere along the way we take it back, most of the time without even knowing it. And then we wonder why all of the sudden things beco

Just a little whine.

Can I just say how tired I am of sickness!??!?!?! First Trev, then Jack, then me, then Jack, then Trev and Jack. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the winter. I love the cold, but this season has been brutal! I thought we were getting off good, since it didn't hit until December. But it's more than made up for the other months. It just stinkin' stinks! And it's exhausting. To be sick and to be the one dealing with the sickies.....oh wait, here comes one now. He's so miserable. But he's still so cute. (It's Jack if you were wondering...Trev's still in bed hehe) Ok, I'm done whining for now. Thanks.