Sunday, February 21, 2010

What the next few months hold....

I realize it's been almost a week since I posted *gasp*
I guess it just hasn't been a very eventful week! It has been so gorgeous here this weekend, so very refreshing! My son would live outdoors if he could, so getting to the park 3 days this last week was great for him. He's so funny, he could care less about the swings and slides and all that stuff. He'd rather just run.....and run and run and run. Up and down the grass, onto the basketball court, over the bridge and back. He just loves to run! And the best part is, he always looks back to make sure we're right there with him :)

So, I'm pretty excited about some upcoming things this year. And I just had to share with ya!!

*I'm starting week 3 of my "Couch to 5k" program, and it should be a good challenge! Feeling good, so I'm excited!!

*My sweet husband and I are going to see my all time favorite Pride and Prejudice at the Shakespeare Festival this Thursday (and dinner too!) I love love love this story, and had the extreme pleasure of being cast as Elizabeth Bennett in my school's performance, my freshman year! holds an extra special spot in my heart!

*I am going to see Joe Bonamassa with my sister and Dad (Dad's treat!) I love the blues and this guy is fantastic!!

*My family is all going to go to Wildlife Safari the Friday of Spring Break! I'm so excited for Jack to be able to see all the animals, and hopefully ride the Elephant! I went so many times as a kid, and still love it. I'm thrilled he gets to start enjoying this, and am very excited the whole family is going! My parents can't wait to put him in the front of my Dad's truck for one trip around the park!!

*We are celebrating my Mom's 50th Birthday!!! It's going to be a great night and I can't wait to let people show her how amazing she is!!

*Pear Blossom (hence the Couch to 5k training!) with the whole family and then the parade which should be extra special this year (details to come later!!)

*A trip to Newport! We have been blessed (yet again) with some time away at The Embarcadero in Newport, OR. Each year after Easter we try to get away since Trev is usually dead to the world. So, this year is extra special and we LOVE Newport!

And this is all just through APRIL!!!! So much to look forward, including the every day joys that come, including watching my son run through the park in pure bliss!!
Thanks for letting me share how excited I am about some stuff!


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