Saturday, February 6, 2010

Colds, the Bible and the Israelites

And they say that kids don't know how to share....well, my son does. He shared his nasty cold with me, thank you very much! I forgot how exhausting it was to have a cold, while being a Mommy and wife. Shoot...I have no energy to do anything, including making myself presentable to the world. And for that reason, I have pretty much stayed inside my home all week, nursing this thing, napping while Jack naps and taking every moment that my husband is home from work to rest (thank you sweetie!)

While I was resting yesterday, I picked up my Bible to do my reading for the day. I am reading The Daily Bible in chronological order! It is so neat to read the scripture in the order that it took place, it brings a fresh perspective to me and it's just a nice change. But I'm in that really exciting area of the Bible called Leviticus and know, the books that make you salivate for more. Ha-ha...j/k. I will be honest and say I have always loathed this area of the Bible. It felt repetitive, monotonous and boring. BUT...this time it's different! No, there isn't anything "new" about it, but by reading it in the order it took place, I am seeing really how it all went down. I think I'm a visual learner, and I can see this unfold much better than before.

There are still all the ridiculous names, and explanations of offerings to read through. But something is standing out to me like never before. God's grace. His amazing and perfect grace.

These people (the Israelites) hadn't been removed from Pharaoh and Egypt for more than a month before they started whining about their situation. "Why did we listen to Moses" "We were better off in Egypt". They had already forgotten what the Lord had done. How He had been faithful to them. Before we know it, they are off making their own idols while Moses is up on the mountain having a real face-to-face with God. And let me tell you...God was not too happy. But you know what....grace happened yet again. Moses interceded on behalf of the people and God heard him. I don't know about you, but I get SO annoyed at these people, thinking, "hello?! Did you not just see all the miracles that God performed in front of your eyes? Did He not just bring you out of oppression and promise to take care of you?! How stupid can you be?!?!"

But then I remember....they are just like us.

God does some amazing things in our lives. He sends us a song at just the right time that really speaks to our heart. He leads us to a scripture that feels like it was something we wrote. He is faithful to us financially, or answers a prayer about a co-worker or family member. And we're praising Him, thanking Him for his goodness!! Yes! God you are so amazing! And then.....the storm hits. A dream is crushed, a plan fails...sickness, death, loss....and we're left with our human souls wondering, "Where are you now?!" "Why don't I feel the way I felt before?!" "Why???"

God is the same. God hasn't changed. He is the same today as He was yesterday....and we continue to wander around in our "wilderness" just like the Israelites, questioning Him and His plan. Now, the Israelites didn't get to read the whole story, they didn't necessarily know the ending. But WE do! So, we really don't have any excuse to not trust Him. We know that He is faithful; we KNOW that His plan is perfect; we've seen what happens, so why do we always do this? Why do we always forget? We are so easily tempted by the devil, so easily manipulated and so easily distracted.

Don't lose sight of what God has done, don't forget about His grace and His perfect plan. And hold on to that when you are in the midst of something that has no answer...because He is the only answer. He is all we need.


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