Monday, January 18, 2010

Comforting Arms

My poor lil goob has a double ear infection. :( It's so sad to see him mope and whine around the house, hardly napping or eating. I feel so helpless, my child is in pain and they only thing I can offer him is snuggle time, comfort. But that indeed is what it seems he needs the most.
Isn't it like that with us? In the midst of pain and hurt, we are miserably wandering around seeking something to ease it. And there HE is, open arms. Offering one thing, offering His peace and assurance, a little "snuggle time" if you will. And while we may want things to be "fixed" instantly, or some tangible "antibiotic" reality what satisfies us the most is when we are comforted by Him. When we fall in His lap, lay our heads down and rest in His arms. I love that I would have never seen this parallel had I not become a mother. I'm so thankful for each moment that my son, his very existence, beckons me to look back up to the Lord who gave him to me. Thank you Jesus!

I think I'll go snuggle Jack some more....


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