Beth Moore..woohoo!

Okay, I am SUPER excited about this! I follow Beth Moore's blog which is updated several times a week by either HER or her two daughters! It is so cool, because it's totally personal and casual. You feel like you really know her and the other "siestas" (check out the blog to find out what that is!)
So, her new book is being released on Tuesday! Blog members who wish to do so are going to read along together and do discussion questions that she will assign weekly! It is awesome to think about doing this with a group of women spread all over the U.S. and beyond, and with Beth Moore leading it! I pre-ordered my book and I am excited about starting! The blog is open to all and I highly recommend you checking it out! There is still time to get in on this as well! The book is called:
So Long've been a bad friend to us
She says it's great for the beliver and non-believer as well! So invite a friend to do it along with you! The link to her blog:


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