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30 Weeks!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Ours was great....I am still waiting for some pictures and then I'll do a post. Maybe you're "Christmas posted out" it will be super exciting when I do post...haha. So...I am now 30 weeks. the 30's...feels good and crazy all at the same time. I had my OB appointment today and have some new prayer requests so here's the run down! * Boys are still feet I said before I'm mentally preparing myself for a C-Section, but I am still praying they will flip around so I don't have to. I'd love you to pray for this as well! * I have started to dilate. Not too bad, but I'm at a 1. He has told me I need to slow it down . Giving up things like laundry, and lots of lifting. My husband has asked me not to grocery shop alone or do anything extra and my OB has asked me to listen to my husband :) I'm a worrier . And because I worry, it will make me slow down...but I don't want to live in


My gorgeous son :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Bowen Family! "If we could condense all the truths of Christmas into only three words, these would be the words: "God with us." We tend to focus our attention at Christmas on the infancy of Christ. The greater truth of the holiday is His deity. More astonishing than a baby in the manger is the truth that this promised baby is the omnipotent Creator of the heavens and the earth!" John F. MacArthur, Jr.

Random Wednesday

There are things I usually are picky about, but when I'm pregnant...and THIS pregnant, I could really care less. Like I sorta double park right now. If I don't, and some really smart person parks to close to my car, I literally can NOT get Jack in the car and buckle him in. Luckily those times have happened when my husband was with me, but I double park now. Usually at Christmas time my husband and I do this thing where we park in the FIRST spot we see, even if it is 15 miles from the entrance. Leaving the closer spots for someone else...but this year, I drive around for awhile until I find something closer. I ALWAYS put my cart back in the correct spot. I unload my groceries, and keep Jack buckled in. Then, we take the cart back and walk back together. But this year, if I was not able to get a spot near a cart corral...I leave it. I know, it's so bad...but I'm okay with it right now. I made some Gooey Butter Cake Cookies yesterday and we're in the process of making

Pictures of the Twin's Bedroom

So, here are some pictures of the boys' room! It's not done (still needing a second crib and some extras like a lamp and some airplanes from the ceiling and pics on the wall!)  BUT I am so happy with it! The clothes are all washed and put away and I'm just SO ready for them to be here...but I want them to stay in as long as possible!! Jack showing off his brother's room! That super cute diaper caddy in the background is from my blogging friend Robin at Partialemptynester sweet is she?!!? One of the cribs with some super cute pilot bears! These were on top of the most amazing diaper cake I have EVER laid eyes on!! The refurbished dresser! Bought for $10 at our church garage sale and my Mom's best friend Lynette worked her magic!! Look at the cute knobs she found! Those diapers will last a week maybe?!?! AHHH!!! :) 

Family Day

Yesterday was one of those days that you mark down in your journal as near perfect. Whenever you plan something that involves your children and something new, you just never know what you're going to get! We've been wanting to take Jack up to the snow this winter before I got too big, or wasn't able to travel and before the twins got here. So, yesterday was the day! We are lucky to live near snow, but not have it covering OUR streets. (Although every now and then it'd be nice!) So we got ourselves ready in the morning and headed up to Union Creek which is a little over an hour away. They have a great little sledding area! We bundled up (Jack's total outfit costing us only $30 thanks to a great second-hand store!) and when we got there, we were the only ones!! Jack was so darn excited he could hardly stand it. Trev pulled him around on his little sled for a bit, and then sent him down a small hill a couple of times before they both got on the bigger sled and went

Jesus Loves Me

Jack isn't too fond of the camera....the smiling pictures you see take quite a bit of effort on our part :) So, the video isn't great quality because I was trying not to be obvious! At the end Jack starts to say, "All done Jesus Loves Me"...basically, he was all done singing thank you very much MOM! I love this just melts my heart!

28 Weeks!

I cannot believe I am 28 weeks already....actually 28 weeks 3 days :) We had our check-up today and the ultrasound to check their growth. Here's a little rundown! * Both boys are breech with their little feet down low. Their heads are basically right up against one another at the top of my belly :) There is still time for them to flip around and that's what they are praying for. But I am preparing myself mentally for a C-Section. * I am measuring at 36 weeks :) This is how big I was when I had Jack. That is just CRAZY to me!! But totally normal for twins. * Mr. Camden is weighing in at 2lbs 7oz and Mr. Christian is weighing in at 2lbs 9oz !!!! They are measuring almost the same which is so great and only a few ounces behind a singleton baby! Our Doctor was very happy with this! *Fluid levels are great * They have long fingers like their Mama. :) And long feet too! * I have only gained 14lbs. But their weight is great, so no worry there! * Just a 'finger-tip' of dialati

Maternity Shots :)

All taken by Lacie with Catching Memories Photography!/pages/Eagle-Point-OR/Catching-Memories-Photography-and-Videography/303328865935

He knew

Our church had it's Christmas program yesterday. Love's Plan was the name of it. Simple, yet powerful. The basic message was He has a plan in it all, and it includes you. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean that life comes to a halt. There is still pain, sickness, sorrow and difficulty. And sometimes it can be difficult to be joyful. But through it all, He has a plan and it will come to pass. ___________________________________________________________________ Last year we had two showings of the Christmas program. One on a Friday night, and the next one on the Sunday night. On that Saturday in between, I found out I had lost our baby while laying on a cold table in the E.R. Our baby that we told our family about on Thanksgiving, a day of thanks. Our baby we were celebrating that Christmas. Gone. No heartbeat. No movement. Nothing. I felt raw. Robbed of joy. Robbed of my favorite season of all. I felt cheated. It ripped my insides apart. Christmas was in 6 days. How

December Eve!

Tomorrow is December 1st. I honestly can look back and say this year flew by. I feel like we were just getting our house decorated last year and Jack was aware and a bit interested, but this year it's amazing. He is in love with snowmen, reindeer, snow, Christmas trees and lights! He is fascinated by it all and I love it! I was 26 weeks yesterday. Had my doctor's appointment today and from here on out every 2 weeks I will see my OB. Weight gain and blood pressure look great. They are still sitting high which is good, but since they are so high, my uterus is pushing up on my stomach causing some issues....aka puking. But, since I know that's the cause I can try to just eat super small meals throughout the day and that should help! Little Mr. Camden (he is baby A) has his feet down where they should not fact my OB felt a foot :) So...he is definitely still small enough to turn around, and at my 34 week ultrasound we hope he will be head down! If not, they will schedul

The ABC's of Thanks

I'm linking up with Rachel at "Finding Joy" for this post! I think is a great after you read through mine, click the pic and link up your own ABC's of Thanks! A: Airplanes. They make Jack happy and they will adorn our twin's room! B: Breanna. My little sister. I love her so stinking much. C: Camden and Christian. I haven't met them yet, but they are my miracles. They are my biggest reminder to give God thanks right now, a constant reminder of His faithfulness. D: Dad. My Dad is the best Dad anyone could ever have asked for. I have no "Daddy" issues, he was basically perfect. I know that's not true. But as a pretty much feels that way! E: Egg Nog. It's one of my most favorite things about the holiday season. It is SO good! F: Friends. New ones, old ones...all of them. I have some of the very best surrounding me and I have so many I can call on at a moments notice. I'm so thankful for them and how they are all diff

The Blessing: By Dwelling in the House

Today I want to share with you the blog, Dwelling in the House. Ginger always has amazing pictures, and perfect short little insights that make you think and that bless you. She is also a speaker and is head over heels in love with her Savior!  Her post about The Blessing, really hit home with me and I wanted to pass it along! So click on the picture below and enjoy!


Okay, so I know all of my "non-Southern Oregon" readers are going to think this is crazy....calling this                                                                  "snow".... but we don't get a lot of snow on the valley floor here!!! We can get cold, you know, like 20"s and 30's....sometimes into the teens in the night, but rarely do we get snow. In the mountains around us, yes...but not on the valley floor. Some winters we don't get any, sometimes it's once or twice. Usually in January or February. But it's still November and we got our first snow! So, needless to say, we were pretty excited! And Jack hasn't ever played in snow before, so we suited him up and headed outside! So....don't laugh at our tiny bit of snow. It was a happy morning! *Oh, and what is even more exciting is I bought his snow stuff at a second hand store about 2 months ago, knowing if I waited I'd be out of luck. It was all in brand new condition (beca

Miscellany Monday

Jack is on a new schedule . I love it. He's sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00am in the morning :) Some of you might think, "well, my kid always does that". But not Jack. Jack used to get up at 5:30am. Then it was 6:30am....and it has been for a long long long time..........until this whole past week. And it is just lovely. Let's just pray it stays like this for Mommy's sake! My sister has been home now for almost a week. She is resting and resting. It will take quite awhile for her to regain all her strength, but she is making progress. Thank you for your continued prayers! Thanksgiving. It's this week. I love it. Thanksgiving in my family has definitely changed over the past several years, and to be honest it's been a hard change. Too many things to mention. But I'm learning that change is good and it can be exciting as well. And you know what...with the twins coming next year, it will change even more. You just gotta go with the flow and remember, it'

Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Hop

Hello everyone! I'm excited to participate in my first ever blog hop! And what makes it even more exciting is it's about Thanksgiving and food! So go ahead and start at the beginning if you'd like, over at Robin's blog Creative 2x Mom for the appetizer and then follow the blog link on her'll eventually get back here! Or you can just start from my blog and follow the link I post to the next site! My recipe is for Pumpkin Bread. Great as a Thanksgiving morning breakfast, or snack or dessert! It's my favorite Pumpkin Bread recipe, my whole family loves it! Enjoy the bread and the blog hop!

Birthday Week

I won't say I'm spoiled . I'm blessed. But I feel spoiled :) My Birthday was yesterday and my sweet husband took the day off to spend with me! He let me sleep in until                                                    9:30am! I could have slept as long as I wanted...but that's when I woke up! He took us to brunch and then I took a nap! Wow...can you say tired?! Later we went around town and he let me do a little shopping at several stores, nothing big...but it was fun. We had dinner at home, and stayed up way to late watching a movie. Tonight I go out to dinner with my girlfriends! It's been a great week! This morning Jack and I made pumpkin bread. Since I can't share any of it...I will just let you enjoy these pictures :)


My sister is going home tomorrow!!! The last two days she has made leaps and bounds in her recovery! We are so thrilled and not TOO amazed since we have been praying like crazy, and there have been countless prayers offered up in her name all over! God is good. God is faithful and prayer works! She will need to spend quite a bit of time recovering slowly at home, but it's going to make a huge difference. Own home, own bed And............. Now I can see her and hug on her. :) I can't even begin to explain how happy that makes me! I got the all clear tonight! Just not sharing of drinks or kisses :) Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers!

24 Weeks

24 Weeks today Age of Viability :)

Time Out Squirrel

Jack was bringing books and puzzles to Daddy and they were playing on the ground. Jack disappeared to the front room where all the toys were. Then Trevor hears, "Squirrel! Hi squirrel." (Jack has a squirrel stuffed animal. He didn't care so much for it before, but there was a Curious George episode last week with a squirrel...and now he loves it) Jack continues: "Cone....pine cone" (The squirrel is holding an acorn) "Time out squirrel!!!! Time Out!!!" Trevor watches as Jack walks over and sits the squirrel down in Jack's time-out spot. He backs up a few steps and then stands....staring at the squirrel. For a whole minute. Never once takes his eyes of the squirrel. After a minute passes, Jack proceeds... "blah blah...yadda yadda" Some gibberish in a very firm voice. And then....... "All done time out, all done time out squirrel." Hugs the squirrel and gets back to playing. Hilarious. I loved it. And no, I don't stare at him


This post will be random. Just an instant stream straight from my brain........ Tomorrow will be Day 6 for my sis. 6 Days of being in the hospital. Today was a bit better...but not as much as we'd hoped and prayed for. Gotta keep praying When my sister was 3 she had a tumor on her adrenal gland. Causing all sorts of issues. I was getting ready to enter 7th grade. My parents took her to the Portland Children's Hospital for surgery. So they could focus on her and not have to worry about me, I stayed with some family friends for the week. I understood, it made perfect sense. But I also felt abandoned, that somehow my being there would be such a hindrance to them and I'd cause too much of an issue. But all I wanted to do was be near my sister. I wanted to see her be wheeled away, and see her right after she was done. I wanted to be there when they told my parents it wasn't cancer and take her balloons and make her laugh. We're almost 9 years apart....she was/is literall

Week 23 Appointment

23 Weeks. Wow. Here is an update of where I'm at and what my Doctor had to say this visit :) * Heard both of the boys heartbeats. It is always so reassuring and special...every single time!! * I finally gained weight! Only took my 23 1/2 weeks :) * I am measuring at 31 weeks. Holy Cow. This is 100% normal. I made him repeat that to me several times!! "You have two babies in your uterus, yes...this is normal!"      * No wonder my back is already killing me and I feel like a whale :) * I have returned to the "higher risk" category. Basically at 23 weeks I begin to be at risk for pre-term labor. It's just a fact with twin pregnancies. So we talked about what that looked like, and what to do. * I haven't dilated at all and the babies aren't low. Praise the Lord! * I will have my next appointment in 3 weeks along with my glucose screening. And then an U/S 2 weeks after that! :) * Everything looks and feels great! Besides the back pain, heartburn, and all


My sister is still in ICU, but she will be transferred back to the general floor at some point today. The good thing is she will be going to the Oncology ward instead, and this is just because of their pain management skills. They do plan on filing a complaint about their experience the last several days. With the help of a sweet CNA, my Mom was able to wash my sister's hair. After 3+ days of no personal care, it was needed. Although it was extremely painful, my sister said it felt so nice after it was all done. We are just waiting to hear where she will be transferred to, but at this point the updates will be I'm sure, few and far between. Thank you again!

Update on my sister....

UPDATE: as 8:30pm 11/11/10 ICU Dr believes this IS meningitis, but it did not show up in the early spinal tap. He also believes her BP issues are caused by the medications so they will adjust them He thinks she is in the thick of it now, and about another week in the hospital. We are all encouraged. Thank you UPDATE as of 7:45pm 11/11/10 Breanna has been moved to ICU. They are concerned whatever virus she has, has moved to her heart. Her respirations are low as well as her BP. Pain has not gotten any better. She had an MRA, another MRI and one other scan. She will also have an EKG and an ECHO. The good thing is, the ICU will be much more attentive and aware of her. My parents are really really struggling. Please Please Please pray. We know He can heal her, we've seen it before. Thank you. _____________________________________________________________________________ The last day or so has been a roller coaster of emotions and information. It's meningitis No it's not It's

Prayer Request

My 18 year old sister was admitted to the hospital yesterday for suspected meningitis. So far the tests for that have come back negative, even though it is presenting itself exactly in this way. She is positive for Mono, but is having severe pain, hardly manageable by morphine, and blackouts. Her blood and spinal fluid has been sent to the Mayo Clinic for further testing, and she will be seeing a Neurologist today. My sister has the highest pain tolerance of anyone I know, and she is in bad shape. Because I am pregnant I cannot go in and see her, this has been incredibly difficult for me and my sister because we are so close. My family is tired, exhausted, frustrated and worried. We are all continuing to trust in God, the ultimate Healer. But we would appreciate your prayers, we covet them. .the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." ~ Romans 8:26

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

This is by far my most favorite season of the year. I wait, not so patiently for it to roll around. It starts with the leaves falling, and the crisp mornings. But it really kicks off for me with the start of November. Our church is host to an annual Country Christmas Bazaar. It has an incredible reputation in the valley, it's hard to get a booth because it books out so far in advance. It's HUGE. We have a well-known bake sale where my Mom and her best friend are in charge and my sister and I get to help out! It really kicks off the season and the sights and smells are glorious! Then it's my birthday, followed by Thanksgiving and that crazy day of shopping right after! Before you know it we're picking out our Christmas tree and the house is filled with smells of cookies, cider and Bing is playing in the background. We try to watch a Christmas movie every day the month of December! I have to say, since having Jack I look forward to this season more and more each year. I g

Miscellany Monday

1) Trunk or Treat was fabulous! Despite there being a misprint on all the fliers saying we started an hour earlier than we actually were going to, and the rain earlier in the went great! Jack absolutely loved handing out candy to all the kids and he was enamoured by the costumes. And he kept his Scooby-Doo hat on which was a miracle in itself! 2) Halloween day included football and friends and yummy food. Hot apple cider and yummy zucchini bread along with my Saints winning, made for a great evening! Jack loved answering the door for the very few trick-or-treaters we had. I think on our street we were the only house with a light on, so not too many kids stopped by. 3) Did I mention my Saints won? 4) 22 Weeks today! Holy cow! I really can't believe it, and my shower is just over a month away! Bedding is in the mail and we'll pick out room paint in the next few weeks ! 5) Trying to potty-train Jack again...we're doing no pants in the house and a potty in the f