Tuesday, December 28, 2010

30 Weeks!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Ours was great....I am still waiting for some pictures and then I'll do a post. Maybe you're "Christmas posted out"...so it will be super exciting when I do post...haha.

So...I am now 30 weeks. Wow....in the 30's...feels good and crazy all at the same time. I had my OB appointment today and have some new prayer requests so here's the run down!

* Boys are still feet down...like I said before I'm mentally preparing myself for a C-Section, but I am still praying they will flip around so I don't have to. I'd love you to pray for this as well!

* I have started to dilate. Not too bad, but I'm at a 1. He has told me I need to slow it down. Giving up things like laundry, and lots of lifting. My husband has asked me not to grocery shop alone or do anything extra and my OB has asked me to listen to my husband :) I'm a worrier. And because I worry, it will make me slow down...but I don't want to live in fear. I just want these boys to stay in until at LEAST 36 weeks. NO NICU time is a HUGE prayer request since we've gone through it before and would just prefer NOT to do it again :)

* My OB will be out of town during my 37th week :( ...the week he wanted me to get to and then induce/c-section. SOoooooo.....at my 34 week u/s we will see how the boys are doing and decide from there if we will schedule their birth on February 10th (36 weeks 3 days) or if we schedule it for February 22nd (38 weeks 2 days) So that u/s will tell us a LOT. How they are positioned and what the next step is. I very well could go into labor on my own while he's gone and we'll just have to deal with that. I know God is in control and these things have a way of working themselves out...but I LOVE my OB and really want him to deliver these boys! 

All else looks great, and I am feeling pretty good. Sleep is awful, heartburn is bad, and I get pretty sore and tired easily. But all things considered....I'm doing great! Just praying these next 6-7 weeks go by smoothly and quickly!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


My gorgeous son :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Bowen Family!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Wednesday

There are things I usually are picky about, but when I'm pregnant...and THIS pregnant, I could really care less.

Like I sorta double park right now. If I don't, and some really smart person parks to close to my car, I literally can NOT get Jack in the car and buckle him in. Luckily those times have happened when my husband was with me, but I double park now.

Usually at Christmas time my husband and I do this thing where we park in the FIRST spot we see, even if it is 15 miles from the entrance. Leaving the closer spots for someone else...but this year, I drive around for awhile until I find something closer.

I ALWAYS put my cart back in the correct spot. I unload my groceries, and keep Jack buckled in. Then, we take the cart back and walk back together. But this year, if I was not able to get a spot near a cart corral...I leave it. I know, it's so bad...but I'm okay with it right now.

I made some Gooey Butter Cake Cookies yesterday and we're in the process of making some Peppermint Pinwheels right now! Both are Paula Deen recipes....have you noticed I'm kinda in love with her stuff!!?
And those chocolate dipped pretzels were amazing...and they are now gone. So, I will make more of those tonight. They are SO easy!!

My little bit of shopping is done and the wrapping is done ( anyone else hate that part?!) And we might go look at lights again tonight...as Christmas approaches I find myself already sad at the thought of it being done. Not for me, but for Jack. He loves the lights, the snowmen, the Christmas tree's etc. He's just a little too young to understand that you just pack it all up and wait another year! :)

Any of you baking any yummies this week? Fellow blogger Glowin Girl made some AMAZING things...her pictures make me drool. Head over there for some yummy recipes and PICTURES!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pictures of the Twin's Bedroom

So, here are some pictures of the boys' room! It's not done (still needing a second crib and some extras like a lamp and some airplanes from the ceiling and pics on the wall!)
 BUT I am so happy with it! The clothes are all washed and put away and I'm just SO ready for them to be here...but I want them to stay in as long as possible!!

Jack showing off his brother's room! That super cute diaper caddy in the background is from my blogging friend Robin at Partialemptynester....how sweet is she?!!?

One of the cribs with some super cute pilot bears! These were on top of the most amazing diaper cake I have EVER laid eyes on!!

The refurbished dresser! Bought for $10 at our church garage sale and my Mom's best friend Lynette worked her magic!!

Look at the cute knobs she found!

Those diapers will last a week maybe?!?! AHHH!!! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday was one of those days that you mark down in your journal as near perfect. Whenever you plan something that involves your children and something new, you just never know what you're going to get!

We've been wanting to take Jack up to the snow this winter before I got too big, or wasn't able to travel and before the twins got here. So, yesterday was the day!

We are lucky to live near snow, but not have it covering OUR streets. (Although every now and then it'd be nice!) So we got ourselves ready in the morning and headed up to Union Creek which is a little over an hour away. They have a great little sledding area!

We bundled up (Jack's total outfit costing us only $30 thanks to a great second-hand store!) and when we got there, we were the only ones!! Jack was so darn excited he could hardly stand it.

Trev pulled him around on his little sled for a bit, and then sent him down a small hill a couple of times before they both got on the bigger sled and went down together, while I shot video and pictures :) It wasn't the greatest snow, no snowmen to be made, but it was clear and sunny, and cold!

After playing for awhile we headed over to Beckie's Cafe for some early lunch (they are famous for their pie, but were out of Trev's favorite). Jack totally crashed on the way home, sledding is tiring on a little body.

Later that afternoon I made Paula Deen's Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls and some Mint Chocolate Dipped Pretzels with Christmas Sprinkles while Trevor took his nap :)
That evening we had a nice dinner out and then headed to look at some amazing Christmas lights!

After tucking Jack into bed, Trev and I wrapped presents and sipped on hot cocoa while watching one of my favorite movies of all time, "It's a Wonderful Life"...I seriously cry every time I watch it!

It was such a great day, no meltdowns, no injuries....it was like I said, near perfect! I love that we are able to do this kind of thing with Jack, and I am treasuring each moment with just him. He might not remember, but the pictures will tell him.

I can't believe it's Christmas week! This Sunday IS Christmas Sunday! It's the furthest you can get from Christmas and have it be Christmas Sunday...isn't that crazy! We have some busy days ahead, but all the good kind of busy. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

28 Weeks!

I cannot believe I am 28 weeks already....actually 28 weeks 3 days :) We had our check-up today and the ultrasound to check their growth.

Here's a little rundown!

* Both boys are breech with their little feet down low. Their heads are basically right up against one another at the top of my belly :) There is still time for them to flip around and that's what they are praying for. But I am preparing myself mentally for a C-Section.

* I am measuring at 36 weeks :) This is how big I was when I had Jack. That is just CRAZY to me!! But totally normal for twins.

* Mr. Camden is weighing in at 2lbs 7oz and Mr. Christian is weighing in at 2lbs 9oz!!!! They are measuring almost the same which is so great and only a few ounces behind a singleton baby! Our Doctor was very happy with this!

*Fluid levels are great

* They have long fingers like their Mama. :) And long feet too!

* I have only gained 14lbs. But their weight is great, so no worry there!

* Just a 'finger-tip' of dialation, but nothing to be concerned about. He is so happy with how I've progressed, or better yet, NOT progressed! In fact, because they are feet down, it decreases the chance of pre-term labor since there is no real pressure down there, just little feetsies and membrane! So, in that sense, it's good!

* We'll go back in 2 weeks for another routine check-up at 30 weeks and then our next u/s will be at 34 weeks!
We're continuing to pray for:

*Growth. For them to be on track and to be about the same in weight.
*For them to flip around so a C-Section is not necessary
*For them to go to the full 37 weeks
*NO NICU time (getting to 37 weeks would be HUGE in this!)

So, our little guys are totally camera shy. We were hoping for some good shots, since the 20 weeks u/s didn't really give us any. Sigh...not to be. Here's what we got....we'll have to wait until they are here to snap away :) I tried to label them to make it easier to make out...I can see them clearly, but you might be wondering what the heck you are looking at :)

Christian. Hand is up by his face, eyes closed. You can see part of his nose and lips.
Profile of Christian. Lying on his back, nose up :)

And...Camden's foot :) I flipped it so it's easier to see.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maternity Shots :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

He knew

Our church had it's Christmas program yesterday. Love's Plan was the name of it. Simple, yet powerful. The basic message was He has a plan in it all, and it includes you. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean that life comes to a halt. There is still pain, sickness, sorrow and difficulty. And sometimes it can be difficult to be joyful. But through it all, He has a plan and it will come to pass.

Last year we had two showings of the Christmas program. One on a Friday night, and the next one on the Sunday night. On that Saturday in between, I found out I had lost our baby while laying on a cold table in the E.R.
Our baby that we told our family about on Thanksgiving, a day of thanks. Our baby we were celebrating that Christmas. Gone. No heartbeat. No movement. Nothing.

I felt raw. Robbed of joy. Robbed of my favorite season of all. I felt cheated. It ripped my insides apart. Christmas was in 6 days. How in the world could I pick myself up enough to put a smile on my face? How could I not rob Jack of Christmas fun? How could I even breathe?

That next day, Sunday, my sweet husband had to go to the program to play and sing. I know the only way he was able to, was by God's grace. One of the ladies in the program sang "One Child" often sung by Natalie Grant. He had to leave the sanctuary because the words were too much:

The seed, it grows and somehow becomes a life
It moves, she knows that her baby has arrived,
She's so scared, but she's so blessed
She lays down her fear for the hope at her breast for she knows...

One million chains could never hold back this moment in time
One thousand dreams could never dream what this moment truly means
Heaven and earth, they cradle the infinite Joy born on this night
For it only takes one Child to forever change the world


Too soon. Too raw to hear those words, although sung about our Christ, it pierced his heart and it was too much

Fast forward one year:
For probably the first and last time,  my husband didn't have a major role in this Christmas program. It was so nice to sit next to him and enjoy it together. As soon as he sat down I placed his hand upon my tummy. The boys were going nuts. Moving all over. He began to weep, right there while the choir was belting out songs of joy and hope and peace. Tears began streaming down my face as the realization took place. Last year I was mourning the loss of our unborn child and this year, this Christmas we had two babies, two boys moving around inside of me kicking and stretching. With each kick, bringing with it tears of joy!___________________________________________________________________

He knew. He saw this Christmas. He knew last year what this year would hold. He comforted us all while seeing what lay before us. He saw our pain, but He had so much in store for us. He could see our anger, hurt, He knew we had questions and felt empty. He begged us to keep bringing it all to Him to carry and restore. And we did. We continued to cry out to Him, wondering why. Asking for peace. Asking for joy. And that we would not have to wait long to have another child. He saw this all. And not only has He given us back what we lost, but He has doubled our portion. He has exceeded our expectations. He has given us twice the joy. He has given us the perfect testimony, the perfect open door to share about His goodness, His faithfulness and His plan.

I can't even begin to describe the joy I feel. The fullness of joy. And I know there are others out there that this Christmas are feeling despair, discouragement, worry, fear, anger, sorrow and distrust. But I promise you that He has not forgotten you. He has a plan, and trusting can be the hardest thing in the world when you have not reached the other side. But stay faithful, trust Him. He is faithful, He does have a plan. 

"When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes. In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before!" Job 42:10  (NLT)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Eve!

Tomorrow is December 1st. I honestly can look back and say this year flew by. I feel like we were just getting our house decorated last year and Jack was aware and a bit interested, but this year it's amazing. He is in love with snowmen, reindeer, snow, Christmas trees and lights! He is fascinated by it all and I love it!

I was 26 weeks yesterday. Had my doctor's appointment today and from here on out every 2 weeks I will see my OB.

Weight gain and blood pressure look great. They are still sitting high which is good, but since they are so high, my uterus is pushing up on my stomach causing some issues....aka puking. But, since I know that's the cause I can try to just eat super small meals throughout the day and that should help!

Little Mr. Camden (he is baby A) has his feet down where they should not be...in fact my OB felt a foot :) So...he is definitely still small enough to turn around, and at my 34 week ultrasound we hope he will be head down! If not, they will schedule my C-section then. So I've decided to just plan on a C-section and be super surprised if I don't have to have one. I will keep praying they'll flip to the right position, but I don't want to be caught off guard if they don't!

No pre-term labor or real major contractions which is great for being 26 weeks with twins!

I did do my Glucose Test today and the number was 4 about the limit (basically BARELY) but that means I have to do the 3 hour test with fasting. I'm hoping it was just the Captain Crunch I ate for breakfast this morning :) So, be praying for me that this next test is a big fat NEGATIVE on the gestational diabetes! BUT if I do have it, even if it's barley...I feel quite confident. I was a medical assistant for an Endocrinologist and a Diabetes Educator for a couple years and feel very comfortable with the whole thing!

Measuring at 32 weeks, which is normal for twins.

Other than feeling large and uncomfortable I've felt pretty darn great. I am confident that your prayers along with so many others contributed to this and I trust that things will continue to go great and I will make it to February 14th!

So, that's the pregnancy update.

This week brings so many fun things! We are having our family pictures and maternity pictures taken Friday by one of my dearest friends who happens to be an amazing photographer! Check out her site here!
Later that day we're going to go cut down our tree and that night is our Small Group Christmas get-together!

Saturday is my baby shower! YAY! That same amazing photographer friend is throwing this shower....did I mention she's amazing!? And then Sunday is our Christmas program at church! Fun and busy days ahead!

We started a Thanksgiving Eve tradition this year with a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows with hot cocoa! Here are some pictures! Along with a couple from Jack and I making sugar cookies! OH! And have you grabbed my button for your blog yet?!?! Look over on the left hand side of my page :)

That's my sweetie!


It was HOT!

Cooking with Mommy!

My boys :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The ABC's of Thanks

ABC's of Thanks!

A: Airplanes. They make Jack happy and they will adorn our twin's room!

B: Breanna. My little sister. I love her so stinking much.

C: Camden and Christian. I haven't met them yet, but they are my miracles. They are my biggest reminder to give God thanks right now, a constant reminder of His faithfulness.

D: Dad. My Dad is the best Dad anyone could ever have asked for. I have no "Daddy" issues, he was basically perfect. I know that's not true. But as a daughter...it pretty much feels that way!

E: Egg Nog. It's one of my most favorite things about the holiday season. It is SO good!

F: Friends. New ones, old ones...all of them. I have some of the very best surrounding me and I have so many I can call on at a moments notice. I'm so thankful for them and how they are all different and special to me in different ways!

G: Grandmas. My Grandma, my son's Grandma. Nothing beats a Grandma.

H: Holy Spirit. I love knowing that when I don't have the words, the Holy Spirit intercedes for me. When my heart is heavy, he carries my burden to the Lord.

I: Ice Cream. It is my favorite. I can eat ice cream no matter how full I am.

J: Jack. My firstborn. My pride and joy. My sweet precious amazing handsome son. I'm so thankful for him, he's my heart.

K: Kathleen. My best friend since 7th grade. We haven't lived in the same town for a long time. But we haven't grown farther apart. She gets me. She knows me. She STILL loves me. I'm thankful for her and her faith that has been shaken to the core, yet remains stronger than ever. She is such a beautiful example to me.

L: Listening ears. Jack's listening ears.

M: Mom. My mother. Super Mom. I want to be like my Mom when I grow up. She's the most unselfish person I've ever met. And an amazing Grandma. She's incredible. I'm so thankful she is MINE!

N: Notebooks, or journals. I love them...I have a lot of them.

O: Ovens. Microwave and regular old ovens. I love them both.

P: Pizza. It's my favorite.

Q: Q-Tips. I love cleaning my ears after the shower.
R: Random movie quotes.

S: Sleep. It's amazing.

T: Trevor. My husband. My soul-mate. My everything. My constant. Every day I thank Jesus that he kept Trevor for me!
U: Uggs. Although ugly, and not adored by my husband...they are extremely comfortable and keep my tootsies warm.

V: Vacations. Specifically to Disneyland. It's our place. :)

W: Winter. I love the cold air and the need for scarves!

X: Xanax. That drug got me through my first flight alone (across the country) and some wicked rides at Busch Gardens! :)

Y: You people who read my blog. Who pray for me. Thank you.

Zoo. The zoo. We just visited one and it was one of the best days the 3 of us have had. A lasting memory!


Okay, so I know all of my "non-Southern Oregon" readers are going to think this is crazy....calling this


but we don't get a lot of snow on the valley floor here!!! We can get cold, you know, like 20"s and 30's....sometimes into the teens in the night, but rarely do we get snow. In the mountains around us, yes...but not on the valley floor. Some winters we don't get any, sometimes it's once or twice. Usually in January or February.
But it's still November and we got our first snow! So, needless to say, we were pretty excited! And Jack hasn't ever played in snow before, so we suited him up and headed outside! So....don't laugh at our tiny bit of snow. It was a happy morning!

*Oh, and what is even more exciting is I bought his snow stuff at a second hand store about 2 months ago, knowing if I waited I'd be out of luck. It was all in brand new condition (because how much wear and tear can a size 2T put snow clothes through in Southern Oregon) and I paid $30 for the bibs, coat, hat, snow boots and gloves!!!*

Out our front door

He's pretty excited.

It was pretty dry, but we managed a couple snowballs

We came inside for hot cocoa :)

Oh, and here I am....25 weeks. Wow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Jack is on a new schedule. I love it. He's sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00am in the morning :) Some of you might think, "well, my kid always does that". But not Jack. Jack used to get up at 5:30am. Then it was 6:30am....and it has been for a long long long time..........until this whole past week. And it is just lovely. Let's just pray it stays like this for Mommy's sake!

My sister has been home now for almost a week. She is resting and resting. It will take quite awhile for her to regain all her strength, but she is making progress. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thanksgiving. It's this week. I love it. Thanksgiving in my family has definitely changed over the past several years, and to be honest it's been a hard change. Too many things to mention. But I'm learning that change is good and it can be exciting as well. And you know what...with the twins coming next year, it will change even more. You just gotta go with the flow and remember, it's about being Thankful.

Harry Potter. Read the books. Own the books. Own the movies. Watched the new movie. Loved it.

25 weeks today! Wow. I feel massive. I honestly don't know how it's going to be...another 12 weeks of growing belly.

Egg Nog season. YUM

Could this have been a more random Miscellany Monday post? Probably not. But link up with Carissa @ lowercase letters and do your own! Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Week

I won't say I'm spoiled. I'm blessed. But I feel spoiled :)

My Birthday was yesterday and my sweet husband took the day off to spend with me! He let me sleep in until


I could have slept as long as I wanted...but that's when I woke up! He took us to brunch and then I took a nap! Wow...can you say tired?!

Later we went around town and he let me do a little shopping at several stores, nothing big...but it was fun.
We had dinner at home, and stayed up way to late watching a movie.

Tonight I go out to dinner with my girlfriends! It's been a great week!

This morning Jack and I made pumpkin bread. Since I can't share any of it...I will just let you enjoy these pictures :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

24 Weeks

24 Weeks today
Age of Viability :)

Time Out Squirrel

Jack was bringing books and puzzles to Daddy and they were playing on the ground. Jack disappeared to the front room where all the toys were.

Then Trevor hears, "Squirrel! Hi squirrel."

(Jack has a squirrel stuffed animal. He didn't care so much for it before, but there was a Curious George episode last week with a squirrel...and now he loves it)

Jack continues:
"Cone....pine cone" (The squirrel is holding an acorn)

"Time out squirrel!!!! Time Out!!!"

Trevor watches as Jack walks over and sits the squirrel down in Jack's time-out spot. He backs up a few steps and then stands....staring at the squirrel. For a whole minute. Never once takes his eyes of the squirrel.

After a minute passes, Jack proceeds...

"blah blah...yadda yadda" Some gibberish in a very firm voice. And then.......

"All done time out, all done time out squirrel."

Hugs the squirrel and gets back to playing.

Hilarious. I loved it. And no, I don't stare at him while he's in time-out...but apparently the squirrel needed extra supervision. And I'd really love to know what the squirrel did to deserve his time-out.

*Not the actual naughty squirrel*

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This post will be random. Just an instant stream straight from my brain........

Tomorrow will be Day 6 for my sis. 6 Days of being in the hospital. Today was a bit better...but not as much as we'd hoped and prayed for.

Gotta keep praying

When my sister was 3 she had a tumor on her adrenal gland. Causing all sorts of issues. I was getting ready to enter 7th grade. My parents took her to the Portland Children's Hospital for surgery. So they could focus on her and not have to worry about me, I stayed with some family friends for the week. I understood, it made perfect sense. But I also felt abandoned, that somehow my being there would be such a hindrance to them and I'd cause too much of an issue. But all I wanted to do was be near my sister. I wanted to see her be wheeled away, and see her right after she was done. I wanted to be there when they told my parents it wasn't cancer and take her balloons and make her laugh. We're almost 9 years apart....she was/is literally my baby sister. I prayed for her. I loved her. I hated being away from her.

Now here we are....15 years later and I again can't be with her. I understand. It's not worth the risk to me or my two unborn baby boys. The doctors have just said it's not worth it, I have to wait. But it's killing me. It's tearing my heart up. I cry at least once a day. I feel just like I did back when she was 3. Helpless.  Again, I don't argue with the facts or the common sense, but that doesn't make my heart feel any better.

My birthday is this week. We were going to have a nice family dinner, my choice. I think we're going to have to postpone that. That's okay, right now...it's not about me..(is it ever?! haha) But all I want for my birthday is my sister to be healthy and home. I want to be able to snuggle her and smother her with my hugs. And talk. And laugh and cry.

The boys are moving like crazy today. As week speak, one is bouncing on my bladder and the other is trying to make more room toward the top of my stomach :) It makes me smile.

There is STILL so much to be thankful for. I posted a week or so ago about how we got robbed last holiday season. And how this one would be different. I still believe that. It's not Thanksgiving yet. And she doesn't have an incurable disease. She will get better...it might take awhile...but she will. And we'll get back to celebrating like our family does.

Thanks for praying. Thanks for checking in and caring. I really appreciate it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 23 Appointment

23 Weeks. Wow. Here is an update of where I'm at and what my Doctor had to say this visit :)

* Heard both of the boys heartbeats. It is always so reassuring and special...every single time!!

* I finally gained weight! Only took my 23 1/2 weeks :)

* I am measuring at 31 weeks. Holy Cow. This is 100% normal. I made him repeat that to me several times!! "You have two babies in your uterus, yes...this is normal!"
     * No wonder my back is already killing me and I feel like a whale :)

* I have returned to the "higher risk" category. Basically at 23 weeks I begin to be at risk for pre-term labor. It's just a fact with twin pregnancies. So we talked about what that looked like, and what to do.

* I haven't dilated at all and the babies aren't low. Praise the Lord!

* I will have my next appointment in 3 weeks along with my glucose screening. And then an U/S 2 weeks after that! :)

* Everything looks and feels great! Besides the back pain, heartburn, and all around tiredness I feel really really good!

Just continuing to pray that I stay healthy, and the boys stay healthy and stay in there for 14 more weeks! Whew! :)

I think that covers it. Here's the latest belly shot. I will post two...one from several weeks ago and one from Sunday night. HELLO BIG BELLY! :)

and 5 weeks later...............

23 weeks

Oh boy! Or should I say Oh BOYS!! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

This is by far my most favorite season of the year. I wait, not so patiently for it to roll around. It starts with the leaves falling, and the crisp mornings. But it really kicks off for me with the start of November.

Our church is host to an annual Country Christmas Bazaar. It has an incredible reputation in the valley, it's hard to get a booth because it books out so far in advance. It's HUGE. We have a well-known bake sale where my Mom and her best friend are in charge and my sister and I get to help out! It really kicks off the season and the sights and smells are glorious!
Then it's my birthday, followed by Thanksgiving and that crazy day of shopping right after! Before you know it we're picking out our Christmas tree and the house is filled with smells of cookies, cider and Bing is playing in the background. We try to watch a Christmas movie every day the month of December!

I have to say, since having Jack I look forward to this season more and more each year. I get excited thinking about what he'll notice this year that he was to young to notice last year. I get excited thinking about what he will participate in, what he will talk about and dream about. It is fascinating to watch it all through your child's eyes!!

This is our last Christmas as just the 3 of us, and I want to soak in every moment with Jack and focus on him and see things at his level more than ever before. I want to take loads of pictures. He won't ever remember a Christmas without the twins, but we will and I want him to look back and know that life didn't start when they were born. He was the apple of our eye and we took every opportunity to share, explore, teach and celebrate with him! I can't wait to teach him about giving, about what Christmas is really about, teach him the words to Away in the Manger and to soak it all up, knowing it comes just once a year!

Another reason I am looking forward to this Christmas is because we feel like we got well, just plain cheated last year. I lost the baby just before Christmas and had my D&C just days before. In all honesty, Trevor and I talk about how we don't remember much from last Christmas. There were happy moments of course, and our family was incredible. But it didn't make the pain or the sorrow go away. Christmas is our favorite holiday, our favorite season...we have so many fun little traditions. And last year was so tough, and so emotional....we didn't get to experience Christmas the way we always have. My sweet husband had to go lead the Christmas program, and sing and play basically the same day we found out we lost the baby...and then days later lead the Christmas Eve service. It's such a blur...including the months following. We can't even remember what he did for his birthday which is in January...or if we did anything. It just plain sucked. And THIS Christmas, there is SO much to celebrate, so much joy and gratitude! I cannot wait to enjoy this year, and celebrate what He has done for us. Okay, all done...BLAST this emotional post!

I leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the last 2 Christmases :) Looking forward to all of your Christmas/Holiday posts and pictures as well!!

Jack's 1st Christmas

Cute lil Bug

Jack's 2nd Christmas...he loved Santa!

My boys on Christmas Eve

Monday, November 1, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1) Trunk or Treat was fabulous! Despite there being a misprint on all the fliers saying we started an hour earlier than we actually were going to, and the rain earlier in the day....it went great! Jack absolutely loved handing out candy to all the kids and he was enamoured by the costumes. And he kept his Scooby-Doo hat on which was a miracle in itself!

2) Halloween day included football and friends and yummy food. Hot apple cider and yummy zucchini bread along with my Saints winning, made for a great evening! Jack loved answering the door for the very few trick-or-treaters we had. I think on our street we were the only house with a light on, so not too many kids stopped by.

3) Did I mention my Saints won?

4) 22 Weeks today! Holy cow! I really can't believe it, and my shower is just over a month away! Bedding is in the mail and we'll pick out room paint in the next few weeks!

5) Trying to potty-train Jack again...we're doing no pants in the house and a potty in the front room. I'm sorry, but who said no diapers is easier?! This is a TON of work...for ME not Jack. My highest hopes include him being potty trained by the time the twins get here...but I'm just not sure.

6) It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! :) 16 more days....our family celebrates the whole month yes we do! November is awesome. Church holiday bazaar (this weekend) my birthday, Thanksgiving, crazy shopping day, and FALL :) :)

7) I have lost my brain. It's gone. The other morning I was wondering why my house smelled like food, and I hadn't made anything yet. Then I remembered I had put dinner in the crock-pot :)

Velma and Freddie! Who knew?! :)

Velma and the cutest Scooby Doo ever!

Scooby Doo digging in for some candy! :)
                                         Have a great Monday and great WEEK for that matter!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Saturday, October 30, 2010

1. My Halloween plans this year will include...well, tonight we have Trunk or Treat at church and I'm pretty excited about it...although it could rain :( Tomorrow is basically a normal Sunday. Church in the morning, football in the afternoon and friends over for the big game tomorrow night! I'll pass out candy during that one :) Jack is 2...not old enough to trick-or-treat.

2. My most memorable Halloween costume was...I remember being a lot of princesses, a ballerina, a vampire, my Dad, a Japanese lady in a traditional kimono, a jail escapee, a punk, I don't remember one that sticks out really more than another!

3. For Halloween this year I'm going to be...Velma from Scooby-Doo! Can't wait to post pictures!

4. I've always wanted to dress up as...Mary Poppins and Bert  :) Someday my husband and I will do this!

5. The worst thing about Halloween is...that people can do evil things and turn something that is innocent like dressing up and asking for candy into an evil thing. But I refuse to allow that to make us not have fun. It's not a holiday to me, it's an excuse to be in costume and have fun. Be in the world but not OF the world. Also...I'm pretty sure it's hard to find a costume that isn't provocative anymore. Can't there just be a normal doctor, nurse, cop, princess costume?! Seems hard to find anymore!

6. The best thing about Halloween is...dressing up and kids being excited about what they are!
All this being said, if your family doesn't "do" Halloween...that's OK too! :)